One of the problems arising from Covid 19  is those shops that have stopped taking cash will do themselves a lot of problems concerning cash flow and profitability .If they lose 20 to 25% of turnover that could be the profit of the business. Why they assume people  will just

use their card is unbelievable. We have charity shops restricting sales only to card purchases. What  about the great unbanked. the people who do not have cards and live hand to mouth that visit charity shops. I think these days  some lose the idea of what charity means.

Rugby Borough News

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We are having a few shops empty through the effects of Covid 19 and their cost base. The trouble is some of them are not retailers. They just put on what they think you want to buy, will not carry stock over ,and sell what all the others do.

We do not have the individual retailers like we should do . Also the individual retailers need to work together the help the town grow.You do not have to conquer the world just the Borough of Rugby.