​FRESH fruit and veg Mon ,Fri, Sat

Is it grafiti or is this art ? Railway bridge Clifton Road.

It is reported that the housing development at Crick Known as Houton will have a Secondary School built within it to accommodate the children living there.

This development is ongoing and plenty of ground has been kept for nature.

​Pork Pies , Cheese and much more

Pork Pies

It is believed McDONALDS has permission to build a drive through on the car park opposite the Town Hall at the bottom of North St. Rugby. This has still not been built.

Blinds for your home / office

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Beautiful FLOWERS Fri, Sat

It is about time RUGBY had its own RUGBY MUSEUM and started to collect memorabilia from all the teams that play Rugby in the Borough.

It is time to start today.

​RUGBY MARKET here  Friday , Saturday


​Watches and watch repairs

Fri and Saturday.

​Cosmetics and makeup Fri,Sat

Candyfloss , Donuts and more

SIDS Work ware and Menswear Mon , Fri, Sat.

Rugby Borough News

​an independent Publication

Cosmetics and makeup

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​An independent CENTRAL Café just inside

the precinct. Coffee and Fresh MUFFIN


Socks and underwear

Winfield Recreation Ground Clifton Road.

  Mamas homemade 

​Greek food

A new school that is nearly completed being built on Anderson Avenue  near to Rokeby School is to accommodate children from the housing development now started on Ashlawn Road near to the junction leading to Dunchurch at Cock Robin Roundabout.

​Large range of Bags

Being a Circular Business is the way ahead in this environmental concerning days as companies look to operate from manufacturing through to use and the end product to be recycled.

Some companies could not be a complete Circular Business and will have to co-operate closely with suppliers and end use companies.

Planning application has gone in for a drive in at the Avon Mill ground at 

​the bottom of Newbold Rd.

BIART PLACE in Clifton rd. is now demolished and we look forward to the new housing.

Is Biart Place going to be renamed as it had a poor reputation.

RUGBY BID is to progress after being voted in to carry on by  a 77.5 % vote to remain. As we come out of COVID 19 regulations we expect Rugby Town to be promoted better.

We thank those that walk the streets for the job they do.

The people of Rugby are also expecting the Monday Market to come back.

Grrek food just for you
wedding photographer

Lighter gas , accessories, tools Mon, Fri, Sat.

Therea are plans to build 5000 houses between Cawston and Dunchurch along the corridor of the A45 .

A substantial development indeed . the infrastructure in the town is now struggling with the volume of traffic.

Has development of Rugbys infrastructure to take this volume  been planned to alter in the future or not .It would be nice to know in this time of environmental concern with air quality.