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RUGBY BOROUGH is situated in the West Midlands in 

the U.K. and has a population of approx. 106,000 it has

a mainline station in Rugby with a direct route to 

LONDON and major motorways  and link roads to allow

​travel throughout the U.K.

In RUGBY we have one of the most prestigious Schools in the world with RUGBY School which is presently

increasing its' intake of pupils.

Gardening and its benefits

From manufacture to use of, and end of product​ to recycling. What are the companies you buy from doing to be a Circular Business Do they report on Environmental Impact issues ? Do the do their best to recycle or reuse products ? Are they still sending too much  to land fill ? Unsold books  should be sent abroad for Third World countries to build libraries . Why are so many books still pulped or sent to landfill ? Things need to change.Now is the time too change . For too long much has been wasted .Food ,clothes ,goods and much more. Those companies that do not change will lose customer confidence and will suffer financially.

Some firms are looking at renting items to their customers. To some companies this will not be suitable but it is the way ahead for many.

We are here to attract investment, jobs, infrastructure in Rugby and its Borough

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It is believed there are plans ahead to have some form of celebration in RUGBY while the Rugby World Games 2019 are played to promote the   game of RUGBY

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As in most places housing development is going

apace all across the Borough however infrastructure such as roads and bypasses are

trailing behind such development leading to conjestion.

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Rugby School to open in Japan in 2022 click on pic of ball

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RUGBY has a regular MARKET on Mon , Fri, Saturday. It is classed as a Charter Market as the 

CHARTER was given to RUGBY by a KING.

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